Lord Willing


I been talking to him so he knows it all
Trying to touch the sky,I can’t fall
I dig in my memories,that’s why my shit’s deep
I have no nightmares because I don’t sleep
Lord knows,I hope he does
I been real w/myself lately facing my flaws
I had a few enemies but I fucked them like whores
Tattoos over sweat pores
Fucking shawty in the shower but the sweat still pours
My mind travels,you should check out its next tours

I look up to no one but the skies
Cause the people u trust feed your soul with lies
i hope Lord knows i try
one way to pray..many ways to die
if my heart weeps..how long will the soul cry?
i been trying to feel my buzz,why can’t I get high?
i don’t know what we living for
fake is the new real..life’s a bore

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Reality Check


Still waiting for my first billi

Might throw it up for philly

Having dreams of popping 200 bottles of grey goose

Chop down thick models and chuck up the deuce

life’s a bitch but she’s bin real to me

Unlike these lying bitches she’s true to me

I know some of yall got that suicidal thought

Went down with that but my system fought

You never know what you got till its gone

But for my family and my hommies they are second to none

They say fakes can’t fake real

And I’m realer than scars on Seal

No matter how holy u keep ur nun

Just know There’s nothing hidden under the sun


I been living this life,ain’t nothing new

You just living,you don’t have a clue

I fucked a lot to you but to me a few

Shit got crazy,we had to pop a few




Life is not a fruit roll up

I’ll give you the forbidden fruit,roll up

I’m tryna take off fast

You been running through my mind,when will you walk past?

Life is a movie,we are the fucking cast

Sometimes a porno that’s why I said fucking cast

Momma always told me to slow my prayers down and fast

Tell me you love me

Put no one above me

Shit,I’m flying,aint no one above me

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Life Through My Eyes.

Life is overrated,Death is underrated
Niggas don’t fantasize about bitches anymore..they fantasize over being hated
I don’t know what the world got for me in a year or 5
But I would be ungrateful if I chose death over life
The age 8 0 is looking hard..cos there’s this bitch named cancer
I’m  damn curious and furious..God knows I need an answer
I don’t show my emotions but my soul weeps
The fear of me leaving my friends and family give me the creeps
Five words in my head.The Lord Is My strength
Richy gone..the hard way we so learnt
I’m in the club 6 bottles gone
Then I paused asked myself is life all about fun?
My bible comforts me..
the weed confronts me

Life is too short to be Fake
Cos the life we live is give or take
I don’t know how many beats my heart got left?
The chills in my chest is heart felt

Everything I see on the news is all about death
If its not a dead celeb,a legend then its def a person with wealth
They say money kills time
Death hits u at ur prime
Nothing is ever promised
Till ur deceased
When ur dead..they say that nigga was great
But when u alive..they say that’s the nigga I hate
SMH..so y bother about what people think?
Cos all they care about is to see u sink
Live everyday like a dream
Feed ur soul with the best self esteem
Have no regrets and pay no doubt
Ain’t that what living is all about?
Life is the present so kill the past
Live Love like its your last

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Pain and Love

Don Jeffy:

The heart is the venue

But sex can’t be all on the menu

I’m not up for that romance

I’m not that guy who remembers the first dance

So much shit on my mind

Great memories to rewind

I paid for the cocaine

Made you flood and drip like the rain

But how close we gon be after this hurricane?

I’m not entertained by your drama

Causing emotional trauma

Save your bullshit for another day

You can take it out the bank when I’m ready to stay


My heart got no space to spare

Filled with money,family and fear

Truth be told the only thing I fear is death

And the only thing she loves is wealth



She loves the thugs

They beat it up rough and always have drugs

He whispered in her ear, “I’ll make you bleed”

Gone off the white,high off the weed

Now she really doesn’t give a fuck

So in a minute she’ll give a suck

She puts Benjamin’s face on all the men she messes with

Plus she heard that’s all the pastor blesses with

I told her she couldn’t keep the money if she was to die

She said she would be fine as long as she died high

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I dont know

Don Jeffy

she was my baby
one nd only lady
she told me lies of love
told me it was sent from above
lmao..thats a fuckin joke
shes a gold digger ran me flat broke
made me run the streets sellin coke
now shes callin me names
usin my mind to play games
i am done with all ur white lies
made me fill white cos i walked past 8 miles
i hope u get better
i aint broke no more cos am more made than may weather
blv that

I don’t know how you operate
Or how else i could demonstrate
But i do know you’re a whore
And i’m gonna flog you before you start to do more

Aite we did what we did shared what we shared
we had a bond ,,
now you the bomb
tickn tryn to explode me nd evrithing arnd me
all i did was give what i got all
you do is take all i ave and destroy
what i am .. now your stuck sleeping around guy to guy older and older more rep less rep aswell as you say you weak ass stories
about me goin arnd telln stories like you bein paid
what do you want from me your gettn laid
out like you want i bet
why fuck wit with me my nd what i ave left
dnt need your stress
your tryn to play a nigga like sness
i dont knw how you do
but in my eyes your a fool

Killer Status™

Copyrighted Material©

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A young Felli

Life’s a bitch
dependin on hw u switch
u might get rich or end up in a ditch/i am nt here 2 preach
but 2 giv u a hand 2 rise up on ur feet/so u can dance 2 d beat
in a short while u will b feelin d heat
if u gat beef i’m ready 2 eat/more haters anytym i breath
i rule d game cos i hav d cheats/a million dollar smile
d one dat makes girls go nuts
down on ur knees no ifs nd no buts
now shes givin me brain
more brains more brains its about 2 rain
i am so nasty dis is d nxt ether
now doin a 100 on d metre
wit a chick nxt 2 me named rita
i am all about d aces
wit black or white chicks all races
most wanted now switchin faces
leave d rap scene wit no traces
now we wearin designers
louis vuitton wit mc carvelli
top 10 chart on ur telli
u b watchin d lyf of a young felli
all swags paid 2 hova
now pullin up wit dem sports rover
like biggie said”gun smoke gun smoke”young homme d game is over

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E no easy

yes..i’m back..but i’m switching it…back to my roots…its Naija..loooool…if you can’t speak or pronounce pidgin English or words(African English)GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!

Iyak E.
E easy..?E no easy
you dey tel me make i come party..i dey busy
i dey chase this ashewo wey get long hair like weezy
i put my hand for her head as she dey organise me…o boy too greasy
i nearly fuck up
but as a big boy…i gats lock up
god go punish the babe wey claim say she dey stuck up
no be for mama put i see am dey chop up
i carry you go golden gate,na 10k you wan make i cough up
because say you get big bum bum
na him make you wan suck me dry like tom tom?
as i talk am…o boy see crying
to make am stop…i do wetin i gats do…see lying

Iyak E.
E easy.?..E no easy
ehn but my name na E-Z
she talk say her name na ify
and her friend name na titi…

Don Jeffy
Hold up let me switch beatz
Erny b d one who makes girls showoff dem tits
i b d dude dat mak niggaz lose dere teeths
u scared/fuck wit me all u gon c is red
wich means ur dead
i mayb big but not lazy
wen it cums 2 rap i am beta dan jay-z
even if my voice so cracked up lik jezzy
my rhymes definitely drives ur chick crazy
mayb d nxt yung wezzy
u peeps fnk is easy
try rapin u will end up like Eaze
Erny e easy (ernest replies) e no easy
cos i’m freezin
out here in prison
4 no fuckn reason
i shuld b cald d season
cos i change lik d weather
so white mayb snow but dats dope feather
makin more rain cheathers
like go go get her
walkin 2 d bank wit sum gucci leather
dnt b a hater
cos my haters gat gift
pulled out my nine and gave dem a face lift
i’m a boss/mayb beta dan rick ross
i got d boss swag not my fault
we b killas dats our cause
doin it beta dan d military force
now we rich nd famous
cal up ur chick lik entertain us
i am tired now am droppin my pen
cos these shits beta dan d world’s TOP TEN

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