Am addicted to diggin 1 particular hole but the funny thing i haven’t been to d end
i cnt lie,it feels like silk,can’t even form or pretend
she said i go hard cos i get the her hammered now she calls me sledge
she always begins by screamin “u d best”and ends by sayin her pledge
some aliegence she swears
cos i get her so intoxicated she cnt rememba her feelings or fears
she loved my**** so much,she nicknamed it pinky and she loves givin brain
gave her wat she wanted..made sure she neva felt any emotional pain
she once told me she never seen any1 go hard on her with no if,maybe or because
cos gal i go hard no fast fowards or rewind nd don’t expect me to click pause
i may go an hour without popping
She call me the Boss like Ross only difference is my album ain’t flopping

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