Girls tryin to play mens game

first thing first my niggas murda me on dis
this is jst a note not a diss
i dnt do this but ama switch
fuck that bitch
make her say her last wish
get dat pu**y jelly like a fish
nasty am a G,aint gat tym 4 roses
cos i pull more crowds than moses
if love was drama
i will bring more action than osama
make speeches like barrack obama
but that shit is a mess
shes a playa but shes rolin wit the best
u wnt my empire
thats like u playin wit naked wire
i run my base,am so hood call me the slums of altanta
i wrap bitches in gifts than santa
shes d ferrari am the show maker
push that shit deeper than the undertaker
this shits deep more like a misfit
the games over but she lost it
am a pimp cos i came out top of my line
if life’s a bitch so the world is mine.

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