y in the world do the good die
y do the good cry
y should i be a good guy
i love my fam,so am not ready to say goodbye
the last option,pick up my louis V scarf and make a goon tie
to do good thats gon be ur last ride
i dnt ride i prefer to fly
i wish i had more to say than a true lie
am a crackbaby, addicted to me is suicide
pass me the holy codeinion, let the love pass by
drug money..blood money..oil money..all am into
dnt get it twisted cos hell was wer i hve been to
go broke oh no..
i play my cards well or better still say uno
i am more like the worse version of tupac shakur
a Don gon hardcore
am like hitler,idi amin and abacha all in one
a Tyrant who wuld never retrict or surrender till i get hit by a gun

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