Gucci Belts

it was all a dream
wearin shoes so sweet call em ICE CREAMS
havin cars by the heartbeat
stylin from my head to ma feet
picture perfect like xbox graphics
am so drugged out call me dope
i should be a messiah cos am every designers hope
laughz,i think my haters might cope
like money i need inspiration
play me a bass track so i can feel the vibe-ration
listening to b.i.g and bob marley
havin dreams of bin an EMPORIO name the city after ARMANI
look 2 the left all u see is CARVALLI
look right then call it LV…hotter than cali
the loafers is Bally
look back all u see is red nd green call it GUCCI dats all am buying
no lying
Killer Status be my set
i knw u fink all this is a lie cause we never met
but that was jst a tour in my closet

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