Its me

Relax nd take note
a black man is on americas vote
im a god i dnt walk i float
im a pimp now chicks given me more throats
my rhymes are scared joke wit it u hav broken an oath
im so stylish i gat dem pleadin 4 my coat
listen as i quote
life is a car on auto cruise
fuk wit it u will end up wit sum fukin bruise
so every 1 bears dere cross
dnt b in a rush take a pause
yeah dats cool
look up all u c is sky blue
take a deep breath
chill d chill
take my rhyme pill
i guess u will
dnt copy nd steal
cos i rob nd kill
do we have a deal
if no,hop u dnt mind if ur head have my mac 9 seal
so now u know hw it feels
to pay ur death bills

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