E z remember back then asin back then
we wer kings like lions in our skul den
laughz, most wanted list,E z and D Don always gon be in the top ten
chillin always like bosses at the back of the class
while desperate gals gon be in front fluntin there ass
renegades, broke all rules
they made rules for peeps to wear all brown shoes
fuck that rule cos we wore platinium all stars shoes
to me nd E z
life was definitely easy
cos we made girls go on there knees and get busy
we had the right line to make any girl blush and there brains go dizzy
had style,class and a lot of efizzie
even our principal had to admit cos we were doper than ecetasy
made a reality of every teenagers fantasy
like biggie said when ur on top we would definitely have haters
but that never stoped our shine cos the more u hate d more we got better
now u think u can fuck me up in my juniors front,lol,thats like fuckin with there mentor..

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