lyf of a young felli

Life’s a bitch
dependin on hw u switch
u might get rich or end up in a ditch/i am nt here 2 preach
but 2 giv u a hand 2 rise up on ur feet/so u can dance 2 d beat
in a short while u will b feelin d heat
if u gat beef i’m ready 2 eat/more haters anytym i breath
i rule d game cos i hav d cheats/a million dollar smile
d one dat makes girls go nuts
down on ur knees no ifs nd no buts
now shes givin me brains
more brains more brains its about 2 rain
i am so nasty dis is d nxt ether
now doin a 100 on d metre
wit a chick nxt 2 me named rita
i am all about d aces
wit black or white chicks all races
most wanted now switchin faces
leave d rap scene wit no traces
now we wearin designers
louis vuitton wit mc carvelli
top 10 chart on ur telli
u b watchin d lyf of a young felli
all swags paid 2 hova
now pullin up wit dem sports rover
like biggie said”gun smoke gun smoke”young homme d game is over

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