Am obsessed wit green money,green things
my flag is white green wen siped u wuld love wat green (weed) brings
louis dude,gucci mane but peeps ask jeffy y excel(YSL)
cos am fly as ever and my persona so hot as hell
love fake tits and big bootys
rock only black jackets dnt do muiti coloured hoodys
some dude obsessed with yanin balls
but mine be tweetin,txtin nd makin business calls
gat love 4 speedin,my wips so flashy they go fast and furious
get u finkin or wonderin cos i breeze pass u nd leave ur intellect curious
addicted to black and white chicks cos i love all races
i dnt like the pussy tight(virgins) btw i dnt dig pussys with freeways or ones with spaces(ashys)
dnt share my gal mayb i might get that p tied up with laces
love gals with smooth legs nd big thighs
d ones with the 8 shape nd gat deep blue eyes
so obsessed wit my obsession
jst wished i had wealth that could stop the freakin recession

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