If ur aimin 4 sumfin,aim at my crew,cos we stars
ama more da her cos i kill beats nd leave my note wit bloods nd scars
red cells white cells but still droppin bars after bars
blowing ur mind init like am solvin maths after maths
so out of these world like d planet after mars
hip hop aint dead it went back home to killer familia D.west nd my hommie barz
the new hip hop we aint brag talking swag,hoes or about cars
a dude with so much waves than ur hair relaxer
F with em then u would be nicknamed disaster
am a soldier dnt mistake me for a cop
if ur the best then ur shit gon flop
i run the north, south, east with D.West
redefined style hoping for the best
beef on my table ask my waiter wats next
money, power and respect but my crew nd fam comes first

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