A New Day- Ernest Iyak and Don Jeffy Osuala.

Don Jeffy

My life feels good..no brag
I’m all grown up, my pants never sag
Looking back on my past
Shit I was living fast
I hurt the ones I love
But it hurts more to know I hurt the one above
From stones in my gall, to an auto crash
I watched my life blink in a flash
Life is an auction, I’m biding high
Damn..the world is truely mine
I went low for a bit to get the boy to be a man
E-z had my back even when he saw I had no aspirations or a plan
Fuck it..I’m back on this..beast mode activated
I prey on niggas with no life..watch them get relegated
Killer is still the fam
Diplomat shit..no killer cam.

Wake up to the future,its a beautiful day
The past seems like its not gonna go away
He seems like he don’t give a fuck ’bout nothing right?
But you don’t know,every chance i’ve taken was a mental fight

The day the world ceases to amaze you is the day you die
I’d drown in my tears if i was to ever cry
To make up for the past times
A series of unfortunate events to make up for past crimes
I guess i could forgive you for the stolen rhymes
You let go so your hands can receive more
But i really can’t tell you the last time my feet touched the floor I’m half gone
Look at the bottle,that motherfucker is half past gone
We still living fast
Traffic in my mind,i probably crashed
Like they say in Lagos,if i met that chick i probably lashed
Standing in front of the window,i’m thinking bout the past
How are we supposed to move forward if these memories last
Back to the future
Jeffy told me,”you can’t fix your past,but you can build your future”

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