My Last ( By Richy a.k.a Young Killer) R.I.P

Regret nothing, but remember one thing
we all came from something
our lives did not start like this
maybe it was our ancestors that started the trend
don’t go to bed thinking you’re the best thing heaven sent
we live in a world that no one loves another
we like other people and only love ourselves
we want it to be different but thats how we evolved
life only lasts for a specific amount of time
if you die tomorrow what will you be remembered for?
a few crazy nights, a life of i will do it later
we don’t get enough time to do it later

If you knew tomorrow will be your last
will you end on a quiet one or make it a blast
live young die fast
live old live slow
time waits for no man
we got a black man in the white house
no white man ever dreamt that one
M.L.K said we will get there
but he is not here, to see us without fear
I fully disagree with love
i think its a major risk that your heart doesn’t need
but fuck it i’m a gambler

you have one life to live
one heart to give
go one step further it will always be worth it
you might have fear to do something
but when you die you wont get a chance to be scared
its all ended at that point
i cant say ive ever fallen in love
but vie certainly fallen out of it
in the words of my mentor and inspiration
“you cant live in that negative way, make way for that positive day”

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