Pouring Out My Heart

David West:

I lost one…. and his ma hommie to the death

Killer been killed fake G’s to the left

Miss u dog, ma hommie young killer Richie

Life is win or lose and we lost u 50 50

Y do good ones go, d evil ones stay

Now one of my own is gone what more can I say

Tears would only pour but never bring u back

We stood as the only light in the days so dark

Straight with your melody, your energy helped us c the truth well

Your choruses were the perfect link even dumb people could tell

Musical gift u made bridges and broke walls like Israel

While teaching baboons how 2 get it done like weasel

Young Denzel, make your head no blow

Life’s got its ups and downs like a damn yoyo

Though the truth is bitter it still remains

Your gone and we gonna miss your damn ass in the game..men




Real G’s go to heaven
Holding d spot down for a G..2.4.7
The kush blown but my hommie Richie gone
A man down but life goes on
Life’s d bitch…alien avenue prospect
Life after death..who do I suspect?
My head still on Cruise
Cos life made me realize we win or lose
Killer is an Army
Salute to a lost soldier and his Family
Today we in pain and Sorrow
But no one knows tomorrow




You have one life to live

One heart to give

Go one step further it will always be worth it

You might have fear to do something

But when you die you won’t get a chance to be scared



You never know what tomorrow might hold

The embrace of death, so freaking cold

Keep the dark shades on, don’t worry about my eyes

There’s some shit you can’t take no matter how many highs

The devil is a motherfucker, I see this everyday

Watching old videos, your heart stopped wish I could push play

Conversations, my man’s heart was crying

I ain’t have no idea my mans time was drying

Feels like we was just riding in the Range

No matter how many words I type, this is not gonna change


We miss you Richie!

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