Mrs Feel Good 2


I’ll blow your mind

Right after the the white blows your mind

Give me your brain,I want to read your soul and know your mind

Mrs. Feel Good you’re stuck on my mind

I’m thinking w/my dick right now please suck on my mind

Look back at me and say, “I’ll do whatever you like”

I’ll ride you like a bike flying down the turnpike

Watching models walk down the runway, I’m trying to fly

If you’re complaining too much I’ll stuff your mouth to pacify

Baby don’t cry

Its money drugs and alcohol, none of these are real

We been at it all night, my face I can barley feel

Mrs. Feel Good is starting to feel bad

But her mouth game was good, one of the baddest bitches I ever had


Chilling w/rich hippies

Feeling on fake titties

Throwing out twenties and snorting through fifties

All we wanna do is say Hello to a couple Kitties


Don Jeffy:

She Oliver twist me with De coke..I’m talking high life

Killing her softly like she’s my strife

I own her ass no mortgage

My sniffin goes shes living in bondage

They say two heads are better than one so i got me some siamese

My to Round 4 with ease

I gave her cat a pacino

Life is a gamble..i run the casino

She gives me that White lie


Cloud 9 is beneath I

End d discussion on accord..eagle eye

They say pac biggie..I’m bob marley high

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