Coming through

Don jeffy:
Henny on left
The kush on the right
Solider instinct..left right
I’m like killers frank white
Cos frankly speaking..i don’t engage u in a white lie
I’m cloud 9..but never high

I pray on the mountain of fire,tell my enemies die
I pray on the mountain of fire, tell my enemies die
Listen to the commandents,bitch lie
I mean lay
When it comes to working that cat i don't play
CNN on mute, reading my Kurt Cobain book
Its crazy how much you see the less you look
I been gave up on the human race
That explains the emotionless face
The dark shades provide a dark shade
Made your girl wet I call her cascade
The liquids she released I sprayed like Raid
This cross on my wrist, my last name on my ankle
For these good looks to my parents I'm very thankful
Shit, that’s how i got you right?
Baby get some coffins for the graveyard shift cause I’m gonna be working you past mid-night
She was playing w/my my Johnny and she was soft as a cupcake
I’m booking that face all night , I’ll give you an update

take me flight i paid
my flows got credits..shits pre paid
i fill visa
i'm smoking holy..mother terasa
this is a true lie..u a believer
pope sean johns..not literally
dark ray bans from italy
my french cologne got me smelling magnificent
i'm spending euros i dnt see the cent
my lady bangin without em swimsuit
i got to the room..killer motive execute
down on her knees
great head..brain freeze
nasty..she release
fuck her once...she decease
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