E no easy

yes..i’m back..but i’m switching it…back to my roots…its Naija..loooool…if you can’t speak or pronounce pidgin English or words(African English)GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!

Iyak E.
E easy..?E no easy
you dey tel me make i come party..i dey busy
i dey chase this ashewo wey get long hair like weezy
i put my hand for her head as she dey organise me…o boy too greasy
i nearly fuck up
but as a big boy…i gats lock up
god go punish the babe wey claim say she dey stuck up
no be for mama put i see am dey chop up
i carry you go golden gate,na 10k you wan make i cough up
because say you get big bum bum
na him make you wan suck me dry like tom tom?
as i talk am…o boy see crying
to make am stop…i do wetin i gats do…see lying

Iyak E.
E easy.?..E no easy
ehn but my name na E-Z
she talk say her name na ify
and her friend name na titi…

Don Jeffy
Hold up let me switch beatz
Erny b d one who makes girls showoff dem tits
i b d dude dat mak niggaz lose dere teeths
u scared/fuck wit me all u gon c is red
wich means ur dead
i mayb big but not lazy
wen it cums 2 rap i am beta dan jay-z
even if my voice so cracked up lik jezzy
my rhymes definitely drives ur chick crazy
mayb d nxt yung wezzy
u peeps fnk is easy
try rapin u will end up like Eaze
Erny e easy (ernest replies) e no easy
cos i’m freezin
out here in prison
4 no fuckn reason
i shuld b cald d season
cos i change lik d weather
so white mayb snow but dats dope feather
makin more rain cheathers
like go go get her
walkin 2 d bank wit sum gucci leather
dnt b a hater
cos my haters gat gift
pulled out my nine and gave dem a face lift
i’m a boss/mayb beta dan rick ross
i got d boss swag not my fault
we b killas dats our cause
doin it beta dan d military force
now we rich nd famous
cal up ur chick lik entertain us
i am tired now am droppin my pen
cos these shits beta dan d world’s TOP TEN

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