Girls trying to play men games

E-z iyak
all these girls be playing mind games
the next time i’ll call her is when im tryna find games
if i was ugly,i’d be fucking with blind dames
if she was ugly,she’d be fucking with blind lames
she wanna talk to me while she texting him
i’m not one to bother but i know its vexing him
i try to show her whats good
but she wanna fuck with every dude
it doesnt surprise me because she was the one who pursued
now she wanna play games with me like the New York Knicks i,to you look like a Xbox Three-six
just cause i let you touch my dick
shit dont mean that your my chick…..TRICK!HaAa

E-z iyak
I’m open to whatever
But these girls starting to act clever
Now you wanna play a mans game
Its the devil I blame

yup ur boy iz back still lookin so handsome..
Still getting more girls than the playboy mansion..
Some shawty tried to play me buh she dont know dat im da coach..
I cud see it in her eyez ryt from her very first approach..
She myt be a playa buh baby am an all-star..
She aint on ma level as u can see ive gone far..
Cuz im in a different league, ima different breed..
She’s the championship and im tha champions league..
Cuz i dont chase em’ i replace em’..
If dey fuck wit me den ima lace ’em..
Cuz i get more pussy dan sanitary pads..
Beat the pussy up lyk wicked step dads..
Been in more girls dan tampons..
Buh i dont beg dem lyk madcon..
I keep deir mind spinning lyk some brand new rims..
I dont do ho’s and dats tha way it seems..
dey lick me like cherry flavored lollipops..
So tasty dey never ever wanna stop..
fuck em so hard till dey pussy get numb..
I cud continue spittind oh my God i jus cummed..haha!….

E-z iyak
I’m open to whatever
But these girls starting to act clever
Now you wanna play a mans game
Its the devil I blame

first thing first my niggas murda me on dis
this is jst a note not a diss
i dnt do this but ama switch
fuck that bitch
make her say her last wish
get dat pu**y jelly like a fish
nasty am a G,aint gat tym 4 roses
cos i pull more crowds than moses
if love was drama
i will bring more action than osama
make speeches like barrack obama
but that shit is a mess
shes a playa but shes rolin wit the best
u wnt my empire
thats like u playin wit naked wire
i run my base,am so hood call me the slums of altanta
i wrap bitches in gifts than santa
shes d ferrari am the show maker
push that shit deeper than the undertaker
this shits deep more like a misfit
the games over but she lost it
am a pimp cos i came out top of my line
if life’s a bitch so the world is mine.

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