Hitting Haters

Don Jeffy

i can make a difference
if u doubt go and check my refrenence
jst giv me a chance
i will kill d beat jst by havin a glance
so artistic i should b a citizen of france
but i rite songs nd fans dance
now i am so high above
dey cal me d rap dove
i dnt need 2 brag
jst checkout my fuckin swag
its worth over a 100 jag
i dnt discharge
i recharge
now my flows sounds crazier dan a retard
i’m way brighter dan d sun
God 4giv me but u knw am here 2 hav fun
i’m not a coward so dnt xpect me 2 run
givin u sum crazy thots
about d kind o f lyrics i brought
dnt copy my style cos u might get caught
d industry is my kitchen nd i’m its chief chef
a fuckin playboy gon hef
d game is on nd i’m its ref
my rhymes mak haters go def
dis is d lyf of E-Z nd JEF
Iyak E.

its killer status
nobody be fresher than us
me and Jeff the boss
no body go harder than us


when they ask who the freshest
all your chick think bout is Ernest
i’m getting too close to the sun..need to reduce altitude
and you wonder why i’m so fucking rude
got a problem…nigga kill yourself
i aint what you see in the mirror..nigga be yourself
stop jocking my shit…..riding my tip
here’s the rhymes…nigga take a sip
guaranteed you gone flip
i do my own tricks
she do my own licks
when i put it in her she gon ask how many dicks
we gon keep doing it like this
on your bitch imma put the emphasis
she gon suck it till i spray both eyes now she got glasses..lol!
they tell me E-Z don’t kill it
but i got too much juice in my spirit
and i got to spill it!

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