I dont know

Don Jeffy

she was my baby
one nd only lady
she told me lies of love
told me it was sent from above
lmao..thats a fuckin joke
shes a gold digger ran me flat broke
made me run the streets sellin coke
now shes callin me names
usin my mind to play games
i am done with all ur white lies
made me fill white cos i walked past 8 miles
i hope u get better
i aint broke no more cos am more made than may weather
blv that

I don’t know how you operate
Or how else i could demonstrate
But i do know you’re a whore
And i’m gonna flog you before you start to do more

Aite we did what we did shared what we shared
we had a bond ,,
now you the bomb
tickn tryn to explode me nd evrithing arnd me
all i did was give what i got all
you do is take all i ave and destroy
what i am .. now your stuck sleeping around guy to guy older and older more rep less rep aswell as you say you weak ass stories
about me goin arnd telln stories like you bein paid
what do you want from me your gettn laid
out like you want i bet
why fuck wit with me my nd what i ave left
dnt need your stress
your tryn to play a nigga like sness
i dont knw how you do
but in my eyes your a fool

Killer Status™

Copyrighted Material©

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