Killer Conversation

My family is killer Familia
Keep talking and end up a memorabilia
These words burn my tongue like Tequila
If you had my brain in your head,it would kill ya

this the kind of note i like
havin dreams of me rocking the mic
so fresh..from my yankees to my nike

Jeff yan them mehn
nobody fucking w/me or my bic pen
or my biro
somersault when i score like babyaro

ama get down on my grind
in other to get back my haters state of mind
and let the haters stay hate inclined

check the checks for your school fees..i signed
i called my pastor,so we began to bind
like a ps2 controller.i’m bout to connect the weed to my mind

i gat haters as if they renew like new edition
my lines make deepthroatin haters lose denitition
get so high cos am smokin jamacian

the weed got my eyes chinked like a’ asian
I own this,call me a landlord and pay you rent
and Jeff is a vegetarian,all about the green,no meat like lent

i guess E-z am God’s sent
cos i spread my gospel from manchester to the peeps in kent
lz..i aint no hypocrit
people always wishin for the day me nd E-z is gon spilit
but guess wat?yall on cheap spilif..


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