Don Jeffy

we r..i said we r..this is my nation pledge ur killer
u so fake am so iller
am like a god,the boss nd ur leader
got my m.j back,ur chick be screamin thriller
i do gucci nd louis,u do fila
u pull one chick nah i pull crowds now call me jeffy puller crowther
like khalid we the best cos we go harder
lil mc’s cry back to ur fada
am the greatest from the west ask M.I Abaga
cos the nxt punchline i drop u wuld play fool or bettter still say ur my maga
cos am higher than the sun am airforce heaven cos am the shit am the best hommie am flyer
i run the one can ever halla
am like choko,the real ibo..but i get u higher than lala
y d fuck do u fink they call me Don jeffy Osuala
God sent..cos am endorsed by allah


be calln gucci keep flossn all blk ye call me a demon i want this like a sinner needs god

then all red like a vampire needs blood


i walked in the shower with my shoes on

saw a plague of frogs in my front lawn


i fi do am w/out instrumental
fuck it up like your babe pussy i dey enter
i don buy house una still be renter
kolo mental
i dey rock ralph lauren polo mental
killer approve the credential
i go run this down
i go even jump am like bouncy castle
you go get lost in my flow like say na castle
i’m the shit don’t flush it
like a yoruba man would say,my girls yansh is hot,don’t toush (touch) it

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