Don Jeffy

am back to kill yall haters…pronto
flows so hot wuld send ur bitch ass cryin to toronto
smoke till my brain seeks an undercover
u say ur chick good…but she didn’t even want me to use a rubber
am jeffy d don..still killin em and slaying
an Under G boss..no time for wack niggas..tongue playing
they asking how do we train a killer
only wen me nd E-z deceased then u got urself a thriller
we on to the next one
killer signed ur check son
am a killer but i got death as a wife
my life aint the best..i jst make the best out of life
so jock all u wantin
am F1 bitch..bugatti stuntin


I’ve been sitting and watching
Fuck a remote,a screen is what I’m touching
Don Jeffy take over,Killer steady in the lead
Lyrical rape,make these virgin rhymers bleed


I left for a while,now i’m back right
Smoked so much,my insides dark but my head light
Niggas tryna fuck w/me,but i ain’t gay
Read this shit i put on display
Yes I am the news on Thisday
The cloud is below me.i understand
Funeral party.underplanned
Life is funny,smoking a cig with a’ anti-cancer wristband
Follow the smoke through the pipe to find my life span
Thats straight brain damage,you need a cat-scan
I’m higher than an aircraft and i’m artistic.craftsman
Don’t gimme that shit,be alone in your septic
My words twist your mind,have you shaking like you’re epileptic
This shit is so scary,nightmare
The valley is right by Elm street,whom shall i fear?

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