The Abuse Of Change.



How many times can you change before you die

How many times can you change before its a lie

Boys texting girls lying talking bout being high

You don’t even smoke,talking bout i live in the sky

And for bitches its cool to talk about being bi

If she brought that pussy close to you,bitch you’d cry

I laugh,i really do

It does get to me sometimes but what the fuck can i do

I been like this my whole life,now its a trend

I don’t mean to seem cocky but i can’t tell if you’re a fan or friend

So i keep to myself instead

To me,after you turn fake,you’re dead

Get that cleared

Nobodys feelings will be spared

Live for yourself,you only have one life to your name

Cause w/or w/out all that effort you’d probably get treated the same


You can’t force shit

Shit,me, I only try once like some white force shit



Don Jeffy


The good music is still alive

even though rappers r all crucifed (rock crucifics)

cos sinners too be rocking them jesus piece

take out a gun and tell em peace

we dont know what to believe anymore

wake up and all we hear r rumors

wayback it was all songs aint blowing up our minds anymore..yemen

new boys still jerking..but u cant compare boys 2 men

it was all good..nikes and fubu’s no one had a true religion

now niccas illuminati, now the devil got a legion

where did we go wrong?

change got me feeling like we never would belong

cos i’m not a SOCIAL dude so quit d NETWORKING

we all have a life to live stop the blogging

change is all political speech

even obama detest the word after his victory so we call dat practice what u preach

change is inevitable

so what we gon do wen change aint acceptable

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