Don Jeffy

Fucked my pen up so much,I even 4got my intro
Hit me up in Georgia nxt day landing in heathrow
Shout out to Killer fam and my homme Nino
Catch me with my ladies strictly puerto rico
Gettin brains all day…fuck an efico
L.V is all am wearin..fly level
Fuck Prada cos I went one on one with the devil
Too legit To quit..no drug pushin
So obsessed with clouds am kushin
Light up the whole plantation..fuck a cigarette
Dnt try this at home..homme dnt Underate
Am original your a duplicate
Even wen am high I still relate
Am so weezy,u so ricky..floppin
Fuck moet,am aced up..poppin
Dnt hate cos ur chick is wat am choppin
She wants a long thing..now she’s hip hoppin.

It can’t stop
It won’t stop


I don’t know how to start
Fuck it,ima write from the heart
Real life.kill fake humans
Make the scene juice like i popped a box of Fumans
I ain’t got time to waste
This is the Killer Boss,who would you like to Assassinate
My aim is so accurate
My word hit where it hurts,get a couple headaches
I been running the rhyme scheme,got a couple leg aches
Gave your girls a couple leg aches
Eat 8 bitches like 8 cakes
Live life fast,no breaks
Leaving women wetter than 8 lakes
I’m crazy
My hearts big but lazy
These plastic bitches don’t phase me
I’m hardbody,tell the cops to come tase me (bro)

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