Pain and Love

Don Jeffy:

The heart is the venue

But sex can’t be all on the menu

I’m not up for that romance

I’m not that guy who remembers the first dance

So much shit on my mind

Great memories to rewind

I paid for the cocaine

Made you flood and drip like the rain

But how close we gon be after this hurricane?

I’m not entertained by your drama

Causing emotional trauma

Save your bullshit for another day

You can take it out the bank when I’m ready to stay


My heart got no space to spare

Filled with money,family and fear

Truth be told the only thing I fear is death

And the only thing she loves is wealth



She loves the thugs

They beat it up rough and always have drugs

He whispered in her ear, “I’ll make you bleed”

Gone off the white,high off the weed

Now she really doesn’t give a fuck

So in a minute she’ll give a suck

She puts Benjamin’s face on all the men she messes with

Plus she heard that’s all the pastor blesses with

I told her she couldn’t keep the money if she was to die

She said she would be fine as long as she died high

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One Response to Pain and Love

  1. Unjinxt says:

    Fuck!! Ebuka & Ernest!! This is too good!! Dayum!!

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