Life Through My Eyes.

Life is overrated,Death is underrated
Niggas don’t fantasize about bitches anymore..they fantasize over being hated
I don’t know what the world got for me in a year or 5
But I would be ungrateful if I chose death over life
The age 8 0 is looking hard..cos there’s this bitch named cancer
I’m  damn curious and furious..God knows I need an answer
I don’t show my emotions but my soul weeps
The fear of me leaving my friends and family give me the creeps
Five words in my head.The Lord Is My strength
Richy gone..the hard way we so learnt
I’m in the club 6 bottles gone
Then I paused asked myself is life all about fun?
My bible comforts me..
the weed confronts me

Life is too short to be Fake
Cos the life we live is give or take
I don’t know how many beats my heart got left?
The chills in my chest is heart felt

Everything I see on the news is all about death
If its not a dead celeb,a legend then its def a person with wealth
They say money kills time
Death hits u at ur prime
Nothing is ever promised
Till ur deceased
When ur dead..they say that nigga was great
But when u alive..they say that’s the nigga I hate y bother about what people think?
Cos all they care about is to see u sink
Live everyday like a dream
Feed ur soul with the best self esteem
Have no regrets and pay no doubt
Ain’t that what living is all about?
Life is the present so kill the past
Live Love like its your last

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5 Responses to Life Through My Eyes.

  1. iheomadwun says:

    Ayee,I’m feeling it. deep good words.
    “I don’t show my emotions but my soul weep
    The fear of me leaving my friends and family gives me the creep” hit me hard.(Y)(Y)(Y)

  2. beverly says:

    Niiice!!! Welldone jef! 🙂

  3. Unjinxt says:

    DEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!! Clearly, I’ve been influencing you!!!! B-)

  4. Fre-D says:

    Nice One G!

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