Reality Check


Still waiting for my first billi

Might throw it up for philly

Having dreams of popping 200 bottles of grey goose

Chop down thick models and chuck up the deuce

life’s a bitch but she’s bin real to me

Unlike these lying bitches she’s true to me

I know some of yall got that suicidal thought

Went down with that but my system fought

You never know what you got till its gone

But for my family and my hommies they are second to none

They say fakes can’t fake real

And I’m realer than scars on Seal

No matter how holy u keep ur nun

Just know There’s nothing hidden under the sun


I been living this life,ain’t nothing new

You just living,you don’t have a clue

I fucked a lot to you but to me a few

Shit got crazy,we had to pop a few




Life is not a fruit roll up

I’ll give you the forbidden fruit,roll up

I’m tryna take off fast

You been running through my mind,when will you walk past?

Life is a movie,we are the fucking cast

Sometimes a porno that’s why I said fucking cast

Momma always told me to slow my prayers down and fast

Tell me you love me

Put no one above me

Shit,I’m flying,aint no one above me

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