Lord Willing


I been talking to him so he knows it all
Trying to touch the sky,I can’t fall
I dig in my memories,that’s why my shit’s deep
I have no nightmares because I don’t sleep
Lord knows,I hope he does
I been real w/myself lately facing my flaws
I had a few enemies but I fucked them like whores
Tattoos over sweat pores
Fucking shawty in the shower but the sweat still pours
My mind travels,you should check out its next tours

I look up to no one but the skies
Cause the people u trust feed your soul with lies
i hope Lord knows i try
one way to pray..many ways to die
if my heart weeps..how long will the soul cry?
i been trying to feel my buzz,why can’t I get high?
i don’t know what we living for
fake is the new real..life’s a bore

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